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Social Change and Development solicits original research papers, notes, book reviews and comments from researchers engaged in social science research. All papers are reviewed thoroughly before publication through a system of double blind peer review process. The journal also follows high standard of ethical practices including technical and language editing, plagerism check, infringement of copyright, independence of editorial decession and hybrid access to the content of the journal. It may take up to twelve months to take a final decision regarding publication of a paper submitted to the journal.

Note for Contributors

Manuscript should be typed in 1.5 space on A4 paper only with ample margins on all four sizes. Manuscripts should be typed in MS Word, using Times New Roman Font 12 point font size and text properly justified in alignment. The paper should carry an abstract with maximum 200 words.

Papers should be submitted through mail to

Contributors must provide their affiliations and complete mail address. Papers with incomplete address will not be considered for publication.

All paper must carry full and correct references/citations. Paper detected with Plagiarised contents will not be considered for review.

In general, the journal follows APA style of referencing (latest edition). References should be embedded in the anthropological style e.g. (Sen, 2001). Citation should appear alphabetically. Multiple references of the same data by the same authors should be aptly identified e.g. (Nayar, 1991 a; Nayar, 1991 b).

Style of reference should be as follows:


Sen, A K (1999), Choice, Welfare and Measurement, Oxford University Press, New Delhi

Journal Article

Minten, B (2008), "The Food Retail Revolution in Poor Countries: Is it Coming or Is It Over", Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol.56, No. 4, p. 767.

Article from Edited Volume

Sarkar, N (1997), "A Note on Customary Laws of the Tagins" in Aspects of Customary Laws of Arunachal, P C Dutta and D K Duarah (eds.), Directorate of Research, Government of Arunachal Pradesh

Use only British spelling in the Text

We follow Footnotes. This should be clearly and properly inserted. The footnotes should be serially numbered.

All Tables and Graphs should be inserted in MS Excel format in the body of the text and numbered serially with appropriate title. If graphs and tables are not included as excel format, paper will not be considered for review. The paper contributors are also requested to send the excel worksheet in case of graphs and tables separately.

All Editorial correspondence should be sent to-

The Editor
Social change and Development
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