Social Change and Development

Journal of OKD Institute of Social Change and Development
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Volume XX, No.2; July 2023

Published in December 2023
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Global Access to Covid-19 Vaccine: A Game Theoretic Approach Arindam Laha, Sumit Kumar Maji and Subir Kumar Sen

Capturing the ‘Savage’ and the ‘Civilized’: Seeing Through the Lens of the American Baptist Mission

Suryasikha Pathak

Educational Progress in Sikkim within the North Eastern Landscape Suman Negi
Dismal Politics: Gender, Risk Aversion and Political Parties in Assam Poonam Kakoti Borah and Vikas Tripathi
Probing the Socioeconomic and Cultural Position of Women with Mental Illness in Assam Berlin Gogoi, Gargi Das, Gitali Patra and Polly Vauquline
Between Need and Lifestyle: Understanding the Significance of Domestic
Workers in Middle-class Households of Guwahati
Shruti Talukdar and Kedilezo Kikhi
Book Review    
Community and Nation Ruchira Das and Vikas Pathak

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