Social Change and Development

Journal of OKD Institute of Social Change and Development
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Volume XIX, No.2; July 2022

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'Natun' Regionalist Parties and Assam Assembly Elections (2021) Shubhrajeet Konwer and Md. Mofidur Rahman

Mobilizing the Marginalized: Understanding the Rise of Bharatiya Janata Party in the Frontier State of Arunachal Pradesh

Ingo Mitalo and Jayanta Krishna Sarmah

The Dialectics of Economic Change in a Non-Farm Kerala Village A. C. K. Nambiar
Plantation Capital and Appropriation of Commons in Global Peripheries Angshuman Sarma
Horticulture Crops in Arunachal Pradesh: Growth, Contribution to State Economy and Decomposition Analysis Yami Melo and Anup Kumar Das
Understanding the Dynamics of Self-Employment in Rural Assam: Productive or Precarious Mondira Tamuli
Interrogating Social Security: Experiences of Labourers in the Closed Tea Gardens of Darjeeling Hills Abdul Hannan and Dixchen Golay
The Trajectory of Modern Education of the Bodos: A Historical Overview) Varshali Brahma
Book Review    
Administrative History of Undivided Assam (1826-1947): An Account of British Administration in Assam. Vikas Tripathi

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