Social Change and Development

Journal of OKD Institute of Social Change and Development
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Volume VIII 2011

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A Unified north-East Economy: Road to Gainful Economic Integration with South East Asia Atul Sarma NA
Asamiya-Sikhs of the Brahmaputra Valley Himadri Banerjee NA
Customary Law, Gender Justice and the Indian Legal System Tilottoma Misra NA
Co-Operatives and Collective Action: Case of a Rubber Grower Co-Operative in East Garo Hills in Meghalaya, North East India P.K. Viswanathan NA
Encountering Globalization in the Hill Areas of North East India Gorky Chakraborty NA
Information Asymmetry and Institutions: Re-Looking at Autonomous Councils in the Hills District of Assam Saswati Choudhury NA
Territoriality ,Insurgency and Indian State: A Reading of a Contemporary Assamese Text: Dwijen Sharma NA

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