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Volume VII 2010

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Outside the grid of Secularism: Alternative Readings of the present India Nivedita Menon NA
Genealogies of Globalization: Unpacking the "Universal" History of Capital Aditya Nigam NA
State vis-à-vis Human Security: Accommodating People's voice in Conflict Zones  Nanigopal Mahanta NA
Planning at the Grassroots: Constitutional Provisions and Efficacy of Gram Sabhas Bhupen Sarmah NA
Rural Non-Farm Employment in Assam and Its Correlates: A District Level Analysis Niranjan Roy,Sagarika Dey NA
Women Collectives and Matrilineality : Paradigms of Empowerment N. Vijaylakshmi Brara NA
Labour Factor in Sustaining a Competitive Environment: Drawing Implications from Labour Standard and Labour Supply in Tea Plantations of Sri Lanka   Kalyan Das NA
Limitation of Law as an Instrument of Social Change: The Child labour Act in India Binoy Goswami NA
Women and Violence in Contemporary Indian Writing: Vijay Tendlukar's Kamala and Manjula Padmanabhan's Lights out Saurabhi Sarmah NA
Social Development Approach: Globalization versus Indigenous Context-- Looking through the Indian situation: A Note Uddalak Datta NA
Book Review: Specters that Continue to Haunt Tilottoma Misra  

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