Social Change and Development

Journal of OKD Institute of Social Change and Development
( UGC-CARE Listed )

Volume IV 2006

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Deregulation, Output Growth and Structural Changes: A Comparative Study of West Bengal and Gujrat Panchanan Das NA
Development, Resource Use and Peoples' Movement: Making Sense of the Environmental Movements in India Siba Prasad Panda NA
Dynamics of Population, Forest and Development: A Linkages in the Northeast Mohua Guha, Aparajita Chattopadhyay NA
Good Governance and Third World Development Implication for Coalition Politics in India Jagadish K Patnaik NA
Human Rights Movement in India: State, Civil Society and Beyond Ajay Gudavarthy NA
Knowledge-based Industries: The Key to Development for the Northeast Indian States like Tripura Ashish Nath NA
Occupational Structure and Gender Based Segregation in Northeast India: The Case of Arunachal Pradesh   Aparimita Mishra NA
On Civil Society  M N Sanil NA
Perspective on Socio-political Issues in Water Use: A Review of Studies in the Indian Context Manoj T Thomas NA
Studying the Ways of Growing Old: An Evaluation Sociology of Old Age Sri Krishnan NA
Working Children around the World: Child Rights and Child Reality Pankaj Das NA

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