Social Change and Development

Journal of OKD Institute of Social Change and Development
( UGC-CARE Listed )

Volume II 2004

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Abortion: Dynamics of Women's Right to Choose Indranee Dutta NA
Accommodating the Extra-urbanites: Transitional Agenda for Spatital Planning Mapping India's Urban Policy onto Global Changes and Challenges Joydeep Baruah NA
Citizens and Denizens: Ethnicity, Homelands and Crisis of Displacement in Northeast India Sanjib Baruah NA
Emergence of Entrepreneurship in Assam: A Note in History Gorky Chakraborty NA
Fundamentalism, Jihad and Islam A.N.S. Ahmed NA
Migration to Assam: 1951-1991 Atul Goswami, Homeswar Goswami, Anil Saikia NA
Perspective on Family and Gender with Focus on India and Germany Anuradha Dutta NA
Re-examining the Proposal of Transferring the Surplus Water from the Brahmaputra - the Major River System in the Northeast  Ratna Bhuyan NA
Regional Self-sufficiency for Production for Food Security: The Case of India's Northeastern Region M P Bezbaruah NA
Religious and Ethnic Politics as Impediments to Nation-building in South Asia Partha S Ghosh NA
Some Highlights of the Economic History of Northeast India  J B Ganguly NA
Trade Unionism or Collective Efficiency: Wellbeing at the Unorganised Plantation Labour Market in Assam Kalyan Das NA
Transaction Cost and Asymmetry of Information-Twin Odds of Indian Commercial Banks in Rural Credit Market: Theoretical Fragility Saswati Choudhury NA

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