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About Social Change and Development

The journal "Social Change and Development" publishes original, insightful academic research on issues and problems related to the India's north east region in particular and those related to India and South, South-East Asia in general.

The unique diversity of the India's northeast region in terms of ethnicity, culture, language and social institutions makes the region a challenging area of study for the researchers. Although, there has been a prolific growth of literature on the region, it is, still lacking discussions with academic rigour. It is therefore, strongly felt that the social scientists would take up issues for academic debate and the journal acts as a platform for the exercise. This is expected to create a better understanding amongst the people of the region and the rest of the country and the world. The geographical seclusion of the region from the rest of the country is sought to be bridged through vibrant academic interactions.

The journal intends to provide an academic platform to scholars belonging to the the northeast region of India as well as outside to project issues focused particularly on the region, express their views and analyse the issues putting them in proper perspective, both historically and as guidelines for the future. However, issues cutting across the region's border, particularly having reference and significance to South and South East Asia are also welcome.

Social Change and Development is being published bi-annually by OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati since 2002.

The journal follows high standard of publication ethics and rigorous double blind peer review process.

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